UK Residential Property

Off-market UK residential property:

We negotiation with vendors to sell their property at a lower price than it would otherwise achieve on the open market in order to gain a quick sale from a serious buyer. Developers will often agree to a private off-market discounted price for end-of-year accounting sales, bulk purchase, ability to close a site sales office and relocate staff.

For confidentiality reasons, we cannot openly market the full details of the discounted property. You can access our discounted property by registering below.

Due diligence:

Extensive due is carried out on the property we source, to ensure that there is strength of demand in the local sales and rental market. We analyse key criteria amongst others such as the local employment market and infrastructure development which will increase capital growth.

Investor ‘turn key’ service:

We provide a complete ‘turn key’ investment service from sourcing the property, assistance with arranging finance where required, and tenant and property management service.

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