From our experience we know that investors are always looking for good opportunities in which to partake. Our property investment service makes that as easy as possible, balancing attractive investment returns whilst minimising risk.

Given the challenges and uncertainty in the property investment, we created the Pi syndicate opportunities which focus on UK residential property leased to local housing authorities to cater to the substantial need for affordable housing. This investment offering is unique in the UK. The benefit of such property investment enables our investors to benefit from a stable attractive income, paid by the local authority which is index linked and extremely unlikely to default in any circumstances. Additionally, there is the added value gained from capital growth.

" Creating wealth via property investment and preserving it. "

We have extensive knowledge of the UK residential and commercial property market, and have made a significant number of transactions on behalf of our clients in both good and bad economic times. Making our clients lucrative returns in both.

The 2007/08 financial crash produced a plethora of gloomy economic situations. However, for the experienced property investor it yielded the opportunity to make outsized returns. The effect of the Coronavirus is producing the same opportunities.

We listen attentively to what our clients say and their investment needs. We then seek to deliver them.

Profitable property investment is not easy. The harder the problem and the scarcer the solution, the more valuable the advice is. It is due to the quality of our advice, service and the financial gains made by our clients, that the vast majority of clients choose to repeat their investment with us.

For a more detailed profile of our principal directors who act as the Pi syndicate managers, please click this link.

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Our logo reflects the ethos of our values: the seamless relationship and interactivity with our clients; our tailored advice; the creation and preservation of wealth from property as a result our service.

Pi Logo Venn diagram. It shows Pi at the centre with the Client, Property and Wealth

Why choose Pi syndicate

Collective buying power, direct control and management.

Assured rental income: 4% p.a.* + capital growth.
(Fixed-term tenancy paid directly by Local Housing Association)


A safe haven investment for volatile times


What affect will Covid-19 have on UK property investment?


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