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UK Repossession Property

Repossession property is often sought by property investors on the premise that this type of investment property can be bought at a bargain price and sold at a profit subsequently. The price of a repossessed property is often the main consideration investors have when considering whether to buy or not. If a repossessed property can […]

UK Buy-To-Let Property

The financial attractions of buy-to-let investment are numerous: rental income, medium to long-term capital growth with minimum volatility and risk. Investing in UK buy-to-let property also contributes to an important public service by providing quality accommodation for the large and growing number of people who require property to rent in the UK. The Growing Requirement […]

Tenanted Property

UK tenanted property is an increasingly popular form of property investment as it is a relatively quickly and easy way in which to generate an income, with the potential to make a capital gain upon sale at a later stage. Historically, tenanted property was generally associated with accommodation which was very run down and in […]

Property Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

A Self Invested Personal Pension or “SIPP” is a tax efficient investment vehicle for retirement provision. Technically a SIPP is a Personal Pension, but whereas a traditional Personal Pension is tied to an insurance company who dictate where you can invest and on your retirement steer you towards an increasingly expensive annuity, a SIPP allows […]

Property Funds

Many investors choose to invest in a property fund in addition, or as an alternative, to direct property investment. Property funds principally offer investors an ‘armchair investment’ which benefits investors who do not want to spend any time building or managing their property portfolio. Property funds enable a greater degree of diversification for the majority […]

Property Auctions

The basic appeal of a property auction is the potential to buy property at a bargain price. Property auctions offer both speed and simplicity which are often important to buyers and vendors (sellers). However, buying auction property is not for the faint-hearted and there are substantial risks as well as potential gains when buying via […]

Off-Plan Investment Property

Investing in UK off-plan property has been a very popular and profitable form of property investment over the last several years. Some investors (often new to property investment), however have learned to their cost that without diligent professional advice, substantial loses can also occur in the short-term. Benefits Of Investing In Off-Plan Property The main […]

Low Deposit Property

The ability to purchase UK property with a low deposit enables property investors to potentially enhance their return on their investment. It also allows investors and to stretch their funds to buy multiple properties which might otherwise be beyond their means. enables its ‘In the Know’ members acquire UK residential property with minimal funds […]

Houses Of Multiple Occupation – HMO

The general definition of a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) is a house which has five or more bedrooms and is more than three stories high. This definition can vary between local authorities. It is therefore best to check the definition with the pertinent local authority before purchasing. HMO property is principally bought for income […]