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Guaranteed Rental Schemes

The principle allure of a guaranteed rental scheme for property investors is the prospect of a regular income with minimal risk. The term ‘guaranteed rental’ is applied to a plethora of different types of property investments. Some guaranteed rental schemes are attractive and offer investors with a genuine means to gain a regular and secure […]

Discounted Property

Discounted property is often only associated with UK residential new build and off-plan property. However, ‘resell’ property – which is the type of property normally sold in the open market via estate agents – can also be discounted to the market value. Some vendors (sellers) will accept a discounted price to the market value in […]

Below Market Value Property

Below market value property is a reference to property that can be bought for less than the price it could ultimately achieve on the ‘open’ sales market. The ‘open’ sales market refers to property marketed to the public via sales channels such as estate agents. Typically, the vendor (seller) of below market value property wants […]

Commercial Property

The UK commercial property market currently offers investors with one of the best opportunities to buy at price levels not seen for many years. UK commercial property fell by approximately 45% from their peak in June 2007. Prices have now bottomed out with and are now rising. Total annual returns for commercial property rose by […]

A safe haven investment for volatile times

Investors often seek a safe haven for their money in normal times.  When life and investment markets become volatile, it is a natural desire for many to seek calmer waters.   Contrary to the sentiment of many investors, experienced investors often welcome volatility as it often provides potentially lucrative investment opportunities.  Whilst mainstream investors withdraw from […]